Founded in 2013, Kelsch Rarities buys and sells fine books, sports/historical memorabilia, autographs, and artwork at fair prices. We guarantee the authenticity of all items we sell, and offer full refunds for any item found not genuine.

Kelsch Rarities is a reputable company that has earned a 100% feedback rating for items it has sold on eBay, with over 3,000 favorable reviews, and is committed to earning this trust from you. Our focus is the acquisition and sale of unique items.

  • Chad Kelsch | Kelsch Rarities

What Makes Us Different?

Chad Kelsch is focused on acquiring the highest quality items for his customers. He purchases and sells items at a fair price. Over the last 13 years, Chad has been selling rare books on eBay, where he has attained a 100% feedback rating with over 3,000 favorable reviews. He strives to make the selling/buying experience a pleasurable one by installing trust in Kelsch Rarities as a company and living up to his high standard of fair dealing.

Chad guarantees the authenticity of his items. If he has questions about the genuineness of an item, he researches it thoroughly before listing it for sale. He has sold hundreds of autographed items and has never received a complaint as to authenticity. There are a lot of sharks in the autograph world, so it is critical that you buy from someone you trust. Kelsch Rarities has earned this trust from thousands of satisfied buyers, and is committed to earning it from you.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Q: How much do you pay for items?

A: Our purchase offers are based on the desirability/rarity of the given item. Offers are carefully crafted and made after personal inspection.


Q: Do you provide purchase quotes over the phone?

A: No, all quotes are provided after visual inspection.


Q: I am looking to dispose of a friend/family member’s items. Why should I sell to you versus selling these items through an estate sale?

A: With most estate sales running for only 2-3 days, and estate sale companies taking a commission of 25% - 40%, the return on your qualify items will prove minimal, especially on the last day of the sale where items are typically marked-down significantly. We’re able to offer more because our customer base is much broader and we are not limited to a set sale timeframe.


Q: Do you have a limit on the number of items you purchase?

A: No, we purchase single items or collections.


Q: Will I need to bring the items to you for inspection?

A: No, we perform an on-site inspection of your items, eliminating the hassle of you having to bring them to another location to be looked at.


Q: Do you provide appraisals?

A: No. Keep in mind that it is a conflict of interest for any company to offer both on a given transaction.


Q: Do you offer certificates of authenticity for autographed items?

A: Yes. All of our autographed items come with certificates of authenticity upon request. We do not offer any autographed items for sale unless we steadfastly believe that the article is genuine.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: We offer a 100% refund on all items purchased upon notification within seven (7) days from date of receipt.